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JooSei: a call to my village

by Christiana Aro-Harle

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So I wake up in the morning and check FB. There is a boat on a trailer, not attached, not covered, with outboard engine. Boat and trailer size do not match. Trailer license plate is not Finnish. It is is on small slice of land that came with the place we inhabit. Two spots of a parking lot. Smell of gas and oil. Looks like it was just brought there and dumped. I put a pic out on FB in the local group asking whose boat, contact us. The flood of attacks was a bit shocking. First arguing none of our business not our land. Then when pointed out, yes, ok could be our land but it is really nothing. Us pointing out: That is not the point - Winter is coming and this boat is going to leak and be a mess in spring if not stored/cared for properly - then the attack was on being a leftist green (very derogatory in certain sentences), an environmental freak, none of our business, keep your nose out of what other people do, etc. We said the boat can stay- just get the person to contact and we help wrap it up for winter. We don't want the oil and gas running off into the ground. More barrage of mind your own business, name calling.

A sorrow entered into me. Grief. More evidence of the division in people. The fear. The entitlement to do as one pleases and fuck the rest of nature, of others.

And I decided the only way to meet this madness, this illness was to drum and sing out to the land and ask for strength, to say I am here and to ask Spirit to bring others out into the open who wish for hope, change, and a different way of being. Because there are other ways which are kinder, which work with nature - we all come from the same roots. So to test out a microphone and see what happens out of curiosity with recording, and some GarageBand dial fiddling, this came out and wanted to go out - as a cry for anyone, in any village, who meets with fear, anger, abuse or even threats to sing along, call out. Make your intention clear! Not to send that back to the people who spoke such ugliness - because it is close, that boundary. Compassion. Stay connected to Mother Earth, the trees, plants, birds, neighbours, life that is around you. We are strong. We are recreating and protecting.

This is a rune song (runolaulu), a charm song, and enchantment and command song. My call to Spirit, to spirits of the land in my village to say Come, we are here! Some are hiding perhaps! Where are those who will stand and fight for you mighty Kymi River, forest, field! You Ruotsinpyhtää. Time to come out, time to be together, time to come together. Sending out! come to me. let us be one vision one mind for the waters and land we live on. A power song to protect.

Spirit words, charm words, weaving words pulling in, pulling out finding a way words. At some point, I will write out the words that did come.


released October 30, 2021




Christiana Aro-Harle Ruotsinpyhtää, Finland

Spirit voice singing and communicating with Nature, the beasts, Spirit.

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